27 thoughts on “And Like Love

  1. Oh wow, you’ve stirred up the old memory cells here, Let there be love, let the sun shine, it was the age of Aquarius way back in 1969, and I did have Hair then.


  2. The sun is almost always present here in Southern California and it is at times really harsh. I think we miss out on many seasonal changes that would be delightful and maybe even give us some well needed rest, but from the standpoint of endorphins, there’s nothing like sunshine! It’s funny to think about how we all live under the same beautiful sun, but our experience is entirely unique. 🙂


    • You’re right about our unique experiences, even with the sun.

      I love the sun. But truthfully Debra, I really love grey days too. I think everything feels ‘better’ under a grey sky. The colors aren’t washed out. But, I was reflecting (no pun intended) on love and the sun was IN MY EYES. It just seemed like the sun and love kind of go together perfectly with what I was trying to say.

      Here’s to some freedom from the harsh in your world Debra, and maybe a little rain!

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  3. Like the love in some people’s lives it’s not always reliable and can keep us dangling here in Ireland although I do tend to forgive it when it does make an all too brief appearance.


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