Some Truths Are Evident

The truth is not always what you see.

It exists in thoughts unshared

Words unspoken

Obscure fears

Unsung courage.

To avoid notice

Or explanation.

Some truths are evident

To the naked eye

Expecting to be seen clearly,

But no one looks with a naked eye,


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51 thoughts on “Some Truths Are Evident

  1. ivor20 says:

    “Sounded like the truth
    seemed the better way
    sounded like the truth
    but it’s not the truth today.


  2. anie says:

    Evident, again a very profound and beautiful view of things Colleen !!! To see the truth with the naked eye, or even with the heart? You’re right it’s almost impossible nowadays because our faith is poisoned and the truth becomes more and more fear and insecurity.


    • It’s so difficult to see such changes Anie. I try very hard to take things as “I” see them. Not as others color it for me, or try to guide me to see. I want to see with my own eyes, and with out bias. Sometimes, I fail. But I try.

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      • anie says:

        Yes, I think that is very difficult and exhausting. You also need a good memory that I do not necessarily have. And then you have to be able to assess people to judge situations. I find that hard too. However, I always try not to put too much emphasis on the opinions of others, but to give my feeling more weight.


      • anie says:

        Bias are always bad, but what changes do you speak from?


        • I was referencing your comment where you said “You’re right it’s almost impossible nowadays because our faith is poisoned and the truth becomes more and more fear and insecurity.” I feel it is a change to see the poison, and there is “more and more fear and insecurity”. I believe those are the changes because there is ‘more’.

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          • anie says:

            This is very sad, because even if the world is poisoned we should always have a solid harvest, the people wich are close or should be close who we should trust blind and have no fear of…. so the force to make a change starts inside ourself and get nourished by the unconditional love around us …. it like Milliarde of little butterflies all starting to fly at the same moment and moving the world in another direction….


  3. markbialczak says:

    Yes, the glasses are so often tinted beforehand, MBC.


  4. Ocean Bream says:

    ‘No one looks with a naked eye anymore’ – that is powerful, Colleen. The world is mad… and blind.


  5. I love those images, both of you, and the one portrayed by your words.


  6. goldenbrodie says:

    So many have joined the ranks of being among the blind…blinded by their own light…


  7. I just posted with the title ‘Of Truthfulness’
    I admire and love the simplicity with which you convey these messages. It is so true that most just choose what to see and miss out on the truth of it all.

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  8. Debra says:

    Any more I try to remind myself that I can know what I know…and that is truth. But what are the parts I don’t see clearly? It can be a little exhausting. πŸ™‚

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  9. reocochran says:

    Ooh, the “truth!” I think we need to trust ourselves but also lean on our Faith. I do feel my instinct is stronger on bigger, world issues and less strong on the personal front. One man recently said it wasn’t my “fault” since I (“you”) “see the good in everyone.” It made me feel so understood, Colleen. It is hard not to see the good! ❀️

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  10. But no one looks with a naked eye, Anymore.–Esp. not when you’re wearing glasses. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


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