41 thoughts on “Peace In Knowing

  1. I love the radiating Ray’s and pearl like finish you created here and over on the other side of the Pearly Gates. . . We hope to see our loved ones. πŸ™
    I sense daily presence of my loved ones who have gone before in unique and strange moments. πŸ’ž 🐚 🌈


    • Me too! But what really comforts me, odd as it may seem, is that something just washes over me reminding me we are not ‘here’ forever, and that is a good thing. A very peaceful feeling.


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to live with possibility and wonder? I am a very rational person with a strong spiritual nature. It makes for a lot of contradiction that might unnerve some people, but I’m comfortable with dualities. I am glad we seem to share that, Colleen.


  3. I recently had this idea/revelation(?) that it’s okay –shoot, have I already told you this? Anyway–that it’s okay that we don’t get to travel everywhere on earth we’d like to go b/c we’ll be able to see it from heaven, without the hassle of jetlag, etc. It makes me feel better if I never make it to Australia or the Holy Land. πŸ™‚


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