33 thoughts on “I, Imagine

  1. yes, and so good you can. my eldest grandson, (who i have a ‘deep thoughts club’ with, told me that when he lays on his bed and reads, his imagination can take him anywhere in the world or universe with no limits. he amazed me and i was so happy that he knew this.


  2. I love the way you love life. “Maybe that’s all there is. Only Love” David Francey.
    “Love can make you laugh
    Love can make you sing
    Love’s at the broken heart
    Of everything”………. David Francey.


  3. oh yes, really, in the imagination we are free … a beautiful song, have a look!… the thoughts are free … how wonderful you live it Colleen. I envy you because I can not do it in spite of my imagination … I know that my thoughts are free and yet I feel as obligated to the thoughts as to my real activities …..it is a gift to completely seperate your thoughts and imagination with your allday….


  4. I am so happy to read about imagination in another way, each view is so unique and special!
    I also love Life’s limitless possibilities, as long as we open our minds, Colleen. ❤️


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