To The Edge

I walked to the edge of the wood today.

Oh! But it beckoned and called.

I stood, it enticed and tempted.

I stood in the sun.  Warmed and bright.

I looked in,

To the wood.

Where wind turns and spins in a beautiful musical dance with branches, weeds, and me.  If I enter.

I stepped closer to the edge.   Called as I was, to be there.

I stood, for as long as I could.  Considering.  I had a choice.


With a sigh,

I turned my back on the wood, the command, the allure.

Though part of me remained

I walked away from the wood.

And hear it’s beckoning call, still.




I took a real minute of my day and let the words play and spin, as if that wind from the wood, was in my cerebral cortex.

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25 thoughts on “To The Edge

  1. Loved this. Nature will call us back.


  2. ivor20 says:

    Life is an adventure, of living on the edge, sometimes we enter the woods and bask in natures glory, other times we wander outside the woods and dream of the next day.

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  3. ksbeth says:

    i can hear the wind –


  4. Ali Grimshaw says:

    ” I stepped closer to the edge.   Called as I was, to be there.” These lines spoke to me. Maybe nature is always calling but we aren’t always listening?
    I always enjoy your words.


  5. I’m with the shadowy version of you. Let’s get in there and commune with the trees!


  6. Ellen says:

    The woods will continue to softly call…one day you will step over the edge, joining your shadow-self, into the waiting welcome of Mother Nature. Thank-you!


  7. I wouldn’t be able to resist.


  8. russtowne says:

    I love your illustration and text of this post.


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