48 thoughts on “I Don’t Choose The Face

    • Exactly. I have often been ‘warned’ of someone, or advised, or whatever….only to not find these things to be true of the person in front of me. I would want the same consideration…


    • Truth. I remember a child, years ago, being confronted with others saying he was ‘fake’. He said he was not able to be fake 24/7 and he was being observed (detention) 24/7, wouldn’t it have been noticed by then? Always stuck with me.


  1. I think there is never a reason to hide his cheerfulness and happiness and to be natural. If you are not feeling well, you will probably have to wear a mask from time to time to avoid burdening others, or because it does not concern others. To set up a false mask for tactical and selfish reasons, is terrible but I think there are enough people doing this … my grandma always said “on the top wow and on the bottom fie”…


  2. It seems fair to accept another at face value…is not that what one hopes for themselves too? If a mask is worn, it will most likely slip soon enough anyway. Thank-you!


    • you are so right Ellen, it seems to be fair to accept another at face value……are we like this…are we behaving in our truth or the truth of the others????? But there are at least apparent lies, which we should not accept at all!
      Anyway … lies have short legs, if a mask is a lie, pretense or cheating does not last long …. a mask to spare others will not last as long, because the people who love recognize the masks immediately anyway!


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