Alone With My Bike

I got on my bike.

To be alone or so I wouldn’t be alone.

I’m not sure which.

Along the way I received waves,


Good mornings,

Thumbs up,


A few things I couldn’t decipher but they were said with smiles

So I accepted them with delight.

I met Judy who was on a bike for the first time in 15 years.

She was grateful for being on the bike and determined to resume her joy of biking.

I was appreciated her smiling face and her sharing her story with me.

I stopped to watch a muddy river.

It wasn’t so much roaring as it was rumbling,

I enjoyed the sound of it.

On the way back

I saw a damn snake.

And with that adrenaline I nearly flew over the next five miles.

There was no poetry to my day,

But maybe the rhythm of it lent to it being a little lyrical.

There was certainly something lovely,

About being alone with my bike,

And not being alone in the world.

41 thoughts on “Alone With My Bike

  1. There’s good mud and bad mud and mud inbetween
    The thing is with mud you don’t know where it’s been
    It’s come from the hills or has stayed on the plain
    It sometimes just washes on past with the rain
    Whatever the type you encounter today
    Don’t worry when covered, it will wash away!

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  2. One is never truly alone as long as there are thoughts…they can be good companions on the journey, or not. You gathered many companions on this journey with your bike, alone together! Thank-you, lovely art with a lovely post!


    • Thank you Ellen ! πŸ™‚ I always get a bit of a charge when people use the word ‘art’ with my drawings. πŸ™‚ And I will definitely never be alone because my brain never stops. (A little fact about me, I had a sleep study done some years ago and they told me my brain waves “never stopped”. I took that to mean I am a thinker all the time). πŸ˜‰


  3. Reblogged this on Peter's pondering and commented:
    I’m shamelessly reblogging this because I added a little verse to the comments, and I rather like it. Also, if you haven’t ever read any of Colleen’s posts then you are missing out on some very wise words, some selfless, and often moving, observations, and the chance to get to know more about a lovely lady. I think Colleen should be prescribed to everyone as a pick me up!


  4. It’s so nice that biking brings you so much enjoyment, Colleen. It sounds like such a lovely outing that attracts some friendly attention. Of course the snake was an unwelcome interruption! I’m glad that fright didn’t result in you getting thrown from your bike! Close call! πŸ™‚


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