Find The Fear

People will speak hate.

If you can,

Try to find the fear they speak from.

Address that fear.

Facing hate with poise and composure is a skill that not many possess.

I will do my best to model for you,

But I will make mistakes.

I am weak.

I will speak in anger,

I will speak frustration,

I will speak with ignorance,

And I will speak from fear.

I find it possible to forgive other people’s faults

Because I recognize myself in their fallibilities.



40 thoughts on “Find The Fear

  1. We are all faulty, a great contribution!
    We should not be misled and personally take negative influences. We should go further and continue to take care of our things. If they are people who are close to us, we start to speculate and that can be dangerous. Your advice to see the fear behind the hate is worth the gold, because it is possible to stay positive.


  2. Fill you heart with kindness. It helps. But always remain aware of the subterfuge of evil in this world. I still think kindness and compassion overcome. Actions always has consequences. I wonder why people are so surprised when it happens. Perhaps you could do a page on consequences and the surprise of it all?


  3. “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” – Maya Angelou. Hate met with hate makes any good outcome impossible. Once again your wisdom inspires and your art adds depth. Thank-you!


        • Thank you Ivor for answering. Maybe also the other way round? For me I can not really see or feel hate, but maybe completely sadness and desperation is the same Energie. Infant I see this ignorance and misleading information everywhere and for me it is a implication of too much interpretation and guessing and a lack of knowledge and beeing sure. The old fight of brain and heart. For example beeing a shy person, not daring to face, having fear but strong feelings. Sending vibes of love and getting back vibes of love. But beneath these vibes there is no real making progress. And all informations can be misleaded because you can understand them completely wrong. Easy example: „run away“ : It me who is running away or someone els from me. If it is me should I run away from my old life or should I run away from what I think to live in future? Knowing that all information can be misunderstood if you are left alone with your thoughts and no real contact to people, and knowing that your behavior can be interpretation as ignorance turns in sadness maybe in some cases to anger and what is left is the unchanged love and the fighting heart, trying just to calm a bit to let you find your inner peace and joy to charge your batteries.


        • … and what happens just in one to one relation happens also in the relation to the whole world. Judging people , without talking to them and knowing them by spending time with them leave a judging just as a result of your and others interpretation, which can be misleaded, manipulated. And there also ignorance will be part of this situation.


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