Not Everyone

Not everyone who doesn’t understand comes from a place of not wanting to understand.


I’m still trying.

To understand things I don’t understand.

And to be kind to those who struggle to understand something

Unknown to their experience.




25 thoughts on “Not Everyone

  1. I’m misunderstanding what I need to know
    I understand what I already know
    I’m misunderstanding why they threw the stones
    I understand the hurt of being hit by sharp stones


  2. It’s a gift to believe in the good in people, Colleen. You are master at understanding people and never losing patience even when it seems desperate. But perhaps they at least learn to accept as respectfully and patiently as you, that they and others do not understand….and than they are no longer judgmental and mean….accepting, hoping, believing, doing our best and going on?


    • Oh I don’t mean to paint myself in too good a light Anie. I do lose my patience. I do get angry. But here, in my blog, I try very hard to focus on positive. It is something I ‘do’ for myself and for people around me. If I make myself focus on good things, then I spend less time on negative.

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      • Oh no I never thought, that anyone here want to paint himself better…😙. I felt it that writing here is for beeing positive, some other write to let go their sadness, but not with the intention to hurt others but making courage. It brings positivity to others and also to the writer, because of beeing happy to give! That is the difference to social media like fb or Instagram. There most of the time people want to show themselves in the best light, want that the whole world sees how beautiful they are, what they have, …this can become an obsession… and I wonder if theses people cannot get enough happiness through their beauty and what they have itself… why do they need to show and get something from the world? So my comment was completely honest when I said you are the master …


  3. I have found that there are two types of people. The first is those who don’t understand themselves and rather understand other peoples preceptions much better. then there are those who refuse to understand that there is a thing called understanding and everything is not something to tackle with your perception and capacity. and let me end this HUGE para by the profound; lol


    • Universe, uhm, WOW. Those who “rather understand other peoples perceptions much better”. How spot on. There are those who don’t know themselves as much as they know how others think/see them, so that is how they exist. I would not want to exist like that. Though I’m sure I’m ‘guilty’ of it at some points in my life….


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