40 thoughts on “Unattended

      • would be interessting to know if this depends on a special character or the situation if people like or not. Beeing unattended is not joyful at all..sooner or later this is the consequence…isn´t it?


        • Often when I write about alone time, I come from a reference of solitude, not loneliness. Those are two very different things. When I reference solitude I am not in any way referencing loneliness. So I see alone time, as I reference it, as a positive. It restores my energies.

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          • Meanwhile, I have understood the difference between loneliness and solitude…; )… I also think that ‘ alone time’ is very important and positive for itself … I always have this time when the children are at school and it is very important to me. However, I do not call it solitude, because solitude means to me that a person consciously lives alone, because he does not want to restrict himself in any way, and that’s fine, because he’s happy and not lonely. I do not think that we can talk ourself beeing in solitude…well you have your family and your husband, who is in the center of your life, no? So I think we can not talk about solitude, when we got 5-8 hours a day alone….


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