And Into Oblivion

Today is going to slip away.

Away and into oblivion.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened

To change my life.

And I?  I did nothing

To change the lives that intersected with me

In this day.

But I lived it.

I lived it as best I could.

And when it slips away,

It will have been expended,

Perhaps rationally and calmly,


With nothing left unspent.

Today is slipping away

But I

Am not going with it.


Sunup to Sundown.









33 thoughts on “And Into Oblivion

  1. And we are happy that you did not go!!! What day would it be, when we did something spectacularly which changed our life in such an amazing way? I wish you a beautiful and special day today! (What do you carry in your hand on your picture?)


  2. Your writing today is quite extraordinary, and I’m not going into oblivion either.
    The sun shone between me and oblivion
    Blinding my way to the horizon
    Let my fading moon call on Poseidon.

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  3. The conclusion is so powerful in some way, shows courage in a gentle way, that you are here to stay, it is a deep choice made …often the mundane days need that acknowledgment of our being through. Your illustration is so unassuming yet incredibly beautiful!


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