29 thoughts on “When The Kids Aren’t Little Any More

  1. I’m wondering about the legalities of suing my gang. They left home but come Sept all will be back here again full time. Just as I got used to cooking for less, space in the house, watching the tv programes I want to watch and time to write.


    • If they all left, and now are all coming back, I think it’s under new house rules. EVERYONE takes a turn cooking and mom doesn’t clean up after anyone but herself, and sometimes she shouldn’t have to do that. 😉

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  2. oh yes..we say, little children, little problems, big children, big problems…this is right because when they grow up they are really fighting their first real fight with the world, because when they were little, their world was small. But even if you have so many momories of when they were young, I enjoy seeing them grown up and getting independant!


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