The Wisdom To Know What To Say

My husband and I took off for a couple of days for a short bike riding trip.

After a hot bike ride in 100 degree temps we went to the small historic town nearby to stroll around, eat, and buy stuff.

We found a bicycle shop.  We purchased a new bicycle seat for me because mine has needed replaced for six months.

Later in the evening I worked on my bicycle to prepare it for another long and hot ride the next day.

I took off the old bicycle seat and compared it to the new one.

I showed my husband the bicycle seats and commented on how large the new bike seat was.  I was a little worried because I have used a certain brand and make of bicycle seat for years.  This was different, and it was much bigger.

Without missing a beat he said “it will make your butt look smaller”.

“Thank God!”  Regardless of how that seat feels, it stays.

Bicycle and Red Bridge


Marriage and Humor.

Can’t have the first without the second.