Their Wisdom Their Ignorance

People will surprise you with their wisdom.

And their ignorance.

Wisdom doesn’t mean they know everything.


Ignorance doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

Tell The Kids Stuff

The things I want the kids to know.

This can be tricky.

Teaching and Learning.

Learning and Teaching.


27 thoughts on “Their Wisdom Their Ignorance

  1. Maybe the secret to being a bit more flexible and tolerant with people would be to think of us all as children in that learning loop! We do tend to think of ourselves as more “wise” than teachable sometimes. As always, thank you for such a thought-provoking bit of your own shared wisdom, Colleen.


    • You’re welcome Debra. I think you are right. If we stopped long enough to think about it, if we had nothing left to learn, what would be the point? I don’t ever want to feel like “I know enough”.


  2. Kids learn from parents and parents learn from grandkids, because then parents become grandparents they learnt that most of what they learnt is not really the truth.


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