He Blew Me A Kiss

She told me how she had her very young son at the public pool.

There was an elderly lady they didn’t know sitting in the pool, the shallow child’s pool, where little kids can splash around.Β  She was just sitting there by herself in the water.

Her very young son went up to the elderly lady and planted a kiss on her, and hugged her.

Mom was so apologetic to the lady.

The lady told her it was the brightest, and best, part of her day.

The mom and I were quiet for a moment.

I let myself get lost imagining that moment while we both stared at the very small child toddling around at our feet.

I told her it’s amazing how kids don’t know how to not love.

When I left he blew me a kiss.

It was the brightest, and best, part of my day.

25 thoughts on “He Blew Me A Kiss

  1. Colleen, I think this is the brightest and best part of MY day now! Your words were meaningful and straight into my heart like a shot of joy and extra energy to greet my work. Gotta go now! πŸ’•


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