When The Heart Is Beeping

I couldn’t wait to show him his new ‘prises.  We were told he could now ride his bicycle without training wheels!

In our world that is something to celebrate.  We went and found a bicycle for him, used, but in great shape.  We bought him a new helmet.  Blue looks good on that precious little head.

I ran home at lunch time and got there just as he got to our house.  We surprised him with the helmet and had him put it on, fitting it properly.

Then Po brought out the bicycle.  He wanted to ride it.  And why not???

We went into the alley.

He got on the bike.

He pedaled and crashed.


Elbows.  Knees.  Chest.  Scraped up and bleeding.

We didn’t have him five minutes and we broke him.

He burst into tears and I immediately informed him of my numerous wipe outs on a bicycle.  He didn’t care much when I told him a dog knocked me off of my bike.   But his tears stopped immediately when I told him about the deer that knocked me off of my bike.  “A deer?”  Yes.  A deer.  I told him he didn’t want to see all of my bicycle scars.  He put his hand up in the air and said “no me do not”.

We patched him up.  Fudge pop in hand.  Bravery overcame embarrassment.

I asked if he was okay.

He put his hand on his chest and said “my heart isn’t broken, it’s still beeping”.