23 thoughts on “I Choose Not To

      • Do what I do then Colleen. Do only what you WANT to do, never what you “have” to do. With practice you can convince yourself you wanted to stand at the sink and wash 2497 dirty dishes by hand because the dishwasher isn’t working at the moment, or go out and muck out the stable just because no one else will. Of course I’m always cussing at the objects around me when they hit the floor and I have to pick them up a thousand times a day.


  1. Thank you! My dad used to say that he was a man of few words, because everyone was given an allotment of words at birth, and once used up….that was it! LOL! Maybe we should all give that some thought. πŸ™‚


  2. What a beautiful flower… all these words out there makes tired…lots of words should be changed in actions…and also there is a need to select very good which words from whom are important for me and which are not worth to listen to….


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