Incoming Adult Advisory



All incoming adults should be warned:

You don’t get summers off, or every holiday, and NO snow days anymore.

You don’t have someone else doing all of the work to make holidays special.

Naps at your desk are usually not encouraged, even if you are in a foul mood.

You have to do your own grocery shopping, on repeat, forever.  Laundry too.

Tattling is unacceptable behavior.

You can have opinions but the world doesn’t care.

Tantrums are frowned upon but can be an effective tool if used properly (this is rare).

There are people who know more than you do.

You will discover that all those things your parents taught you-really were things you should have paid attention to.


The older you get, the more surprised you will be, to find out how old you are and you still don’t feel like an adult.

Blanket. Pillow. No go.



Happy adulting.








Any additional advice for incoming adults would be greatly appreciated.





32 thoughts on “Incoming Adult Advisory

  1. always make sure to clean up any mess you may leave in your wake, both literally and metaphorically. always leave a place you’ve been and people you’ve met, somehow as good or better as when you shared space.

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  2. If you are waiting for something to turn up, a good idea is to start by turning up your shirt sleeves.
    Treat everyone politely, even those who are rude to you. Not because they are nice, but because you are.
    The way a man treats his mother is a pretty good indicator of how he will treat his girl.


  3. So very true…. I keep learning still now! Feeling like an adult…. not really. They say: Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional “as said by Carroll Bryant


  4. The best release for me, from frustration and anger as an adult … has been to take a bag of ice cubes to the shower and through each of them with gusto. Minimal damage. Maximum relief. When Reset and balance is in place … BREATHE fully. Appreciate the breath, the release and all the amazing things in this life that have brought you here.
    Note to self. Ensure ice tray is full!


  5. Oh I think the laundry basket gets the most magical – gets refilled very quickly, always!

    The older you get, the more surprised you will be, to find out how old you are and you still don’t feel like an adult. – So agree with this!


  6. I think you hit all the major high points, Colleen. I think the best one is that our personal opinions don’t matter much! LOL! I can remember as a teen thinking my opinions were so valuable! That hasn’t panned out to be all that true. 🙂


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