Out To The Universe

I’ve been told

Numerous times of late

To throw out to the universe

The things I hope for, dream for, desire.

Throw it out to the universe.

But out of all of those times

No one

Remembered to tell me

To duck when the universe threw them back.











41 thoughts on “Out To The Universe

  1. Every time I see a post from you, it is as if I see myself. The raw, honest beauty of everything you write and draw is both my undoing and my healing. Thank you with all my heart.


  2. A beautiful true! Reality is always different than the dreams, when they come true…. but, can be even more beautiful if you learn to catch them, when they are arriving?


      • You definitely should catch them even if they are hard to catch, because you asked for them. Did you also play in school ( in physical education) this stupid game, where you have to shoot the others with a ball? To win you had to shoot all others and yourself had to duck or to catch when someone shoots at you. As I never was quick enough I decided very soon to always face the ball and try to catch it… I became a very good catcher ….πŸ™‚


        • We called that game “dodge ball”. And yes we played it, a lot!!!! I was average at that game, but I liked it.

          I do ‘ask’ for my dreams.

          But what I was referencing here was that sometimes we try something new, or we hope something will happen. But it doesn’t. So it’s like all the chances you take are thrown back at you by the universe. It was a play on effort being made, and failing. πŸ™‚ It’s just how my brain works sometimes. πŸ˜‰

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          • Oh thank you for explaining, I understood it more like β€ž bewareβ€œ what you wish for… the reality may be hard, when your wish come true…O.k. So this is hard if you try and try and they do not come true, and universe don’t accept your wishes. These are the difficult moments, where our brain starts to overheat. Did we try hard enough? did we evaluate our situation where we built up our dreams in only our narrow sight of view? did we overcome our fears and went outside acting that our will can be seen or did we most of the time just go on dreaming? Did we expect too much input from others in advance instead of working everything out in trust and togetherness. Dreams are not falling from heaven in perfect preperation… it is a process and a beautiful work together. For some people this process is there life and they do not even want to reach there dreams because they think it is more motivating always to search. For me I need to reach my dreams and When I reached I am more motivated to make these dreams better and better.


            • I like reaching my dreams too Anie. But, many years ago while studying martial arts one of the things I learned is that the journey to a goal is often more rewarding than the goal it’s self. I have discovered that I enjoy that as well. πŸ™‚

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              • the jouney to a goal can be great Colleen, you’re right. But I still think that it is important for me to achieve goals in order to define new goals …. eg. I hardly look at old books and find them no longer interesting. I can not get enough of the things I’m working on … not because I like them so much, but to see where I’m going. If one project is finished, a goal is reached and the next project I will start making things a little bit different, because I have new goals.
                These are the dreams for art. For the private, a constant is important, the dream must be lived daily and not be hunted, because trust and faith arise only from through life.


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