22 thoughts on “Free For The Taking

      • Yes I understood this. But as limonade is nothing for you you do not know what to do with theses πŸ‹…I just tried to translate our saying β€žsourβ€œ makes β€žfunny, happyβ€œ… of course there are really bad things, where we cannot deny that they are a sad thing ( like a bad illness, the death if someone near) but the most things are not really to define good or bad, as you can not see what sense was behind. For me life was always best accepting things as they are and play my role inside these waves and currents of the sea of life. The only difficulty in this way of living, to make big decisions by your own, if you are used to accept always.


          • I knew that you liked this,…sometimes we feel powerless to influence life…and I am better in reaction than action…sometimes we feel like we were fooled, that we did all and the other nothing….but we should always hold in head, that the other may fel the same, because they did already more that they normally are able to do…..itΒ΄s like searching for a intersectionin mathematics….what if both circles try hard and become bigger and bigger, if they are magnetic, but still have no intersection to meet?


  1. Sometimes an adage just doesn’t fit us, I guess. Lemons to lemonade fits the small problems, I think. If the problems are larger, maybe I’d prefer something a little stronger. πŸ™‚


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