28 thoughts on “The Exchange

  1. Oh yes, I did love climbing trees, especially that big Peppercorn Tree down in the far corner of mum and dad’s backyard. I would sit up there, me and my tree, feeling so grand, looking out over the world, my neighbourhood…..


      • Thank you for sharing this. It helped me because …
        There is a tree in our backyard, which is a community space. It gives me a wise ancestral presence …it’s been there forever before me, it changes colors …I watch it and it watches me. I found out it is up for removal this month. I have sent a formal request to not remove it. I am not sure if this tree friend of mine will continue with me …or will be uprooted. It will reflect a lot of change for me it it goes. I am going to be taking your process of exchanging breath to this tree. Will see how it goes …


        • Oh no! I’m sorry they are removing it!!! Is it being transplanted or destroyed?

          I hope your tree friend remains. If not, I hope you get a chance to say goodbye.

          I have never lived anywhere that I did not have a tree close by.

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          • I am not sure if they would transplant …either way it feels like ‘destroyed’ to me …uprooting a living tree from its home place for who knows how long.
            I grew up in a crowded city area with no trees. This is my first home with trees in the vicinity. That is why I am attached to it I think.


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