Wake Me!

Wake me!

To the potential,

To the knowledge,

To the abilities

To the skills

To the possibilities.

It need not be morn,

Or breaking dawn.

Wake me!

In the gloam

In the breaking

And in the falling.

Wake me!


What it is I can do

What it is I can be

What it is that is needed of me.

Wake me!








28 thoughts on “Wake Me!

  1. Wakie Wakie, we all need a wake-up call every now and then, put ourselves back on the rails, show us the track we should be taking, and light up the path for our trip to home. 😊


  2. Sometimes we think we have heard enough about something and we think like oh, I already know how this works but, we all need to wake up every day and see how much is still out there for us to learn, live and experience. We are eternal learners. That’s why I love being a teacher. We always learn something new every day. Great post!


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