35 thoughts on “It Matters To Me

  1. oh this is excellent! It is impossible to have the same opinion always, but it is annoying to disagree too often…but it is already something special to communicate at all, isn’t it? And it should be a big challenge and chance to consider things and situations from another point of view! It must be wonderful to understand other peoples thinking.


      • Thank you Colleen, in fact I would love to see things more clearly from diffenent views like you do….sometimes I think I understand some things, but If other people are concerned you never can be sure what they thing until they tell you and you can be sure that they tell you the truth!


          • If you accept this means that you understood, what they said. So you are very lucky. I think I would never have a problem to accept things, to tolerate and even to learn and change my mind. But to do be able to do this all you have to understand first. And I do often NOT understand. So you can say „before torturing yourself, let it be, don’t care about some people anymore“… and this is of course the right way.But you can’t, if this person means too much for you… than you are caught.


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