Not On The Beach In Hawaii

My nephew’s wife took him to Hawaii for his birthday.

They graciously allowed me to not go with them.

Here I am,

Not on the beach with him.

Nephew. Beach. Hawaii.

I’m still wearing the lei I didn’t get at the airport when I didn’t arrive there.

I hope the bikini isn’t too racy.

I wore a high waisted suit,

You know,

Mom body and all.

Then his wife was kind enough to share her Banan with me,

Which I thought was very kind.

By the way,

You can’t really not go to Hawaii and not wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Banan. Share. Hawaii.

I’ve got to say,

For being on holiday in Hawaii,

Nephew and wife are both very generous

With my no-presence there.


I’m looking forward to not seeing the rest of Hawaii!

Thank you for not letting me go along.








72 thoughts on “Not On The Beach In Hawaii

  1. oh, thats fun for you to take part in not taking part,… well I am more glad to not know, what all is not coming true.


      • Sorry Colleen, for me it’s not funny and I try always not to be cynical, may be my situation is just much more personal or intime as yours, but may be also not… but I just want to face my feelings and live my feelings like a 18th old girl, no matter what is around, because I can solve all problems around, because I am not 18! I hve the right to feel like I feel and to live what I feel…. and if my feelings were wrong it is a process of learning s always…. but there is no need to hide in imaginatipns or dreams…… never… ever!!!!!


        • Anie I was laughing at the first part of your comment, that it’s fun “not taking part”.

          I don’t think I fully understand your second comment.

          But this post was just to have fun. You do have the right to how you feel. I’m just not sure how that goes with my post (probably because of the translation). I don’t feel I am hiding in imaginations or dreams, I feel like this was fun and something to share with someone I care very much about in a light hearted and creative way. That was all this was about, nothing deep. Just fun.

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          • There is no need to justify anything Colleen. You are a wonderful, admirable person for sure and I appreciate a lot your sense of words, pictures and art. But as you are an artist you know, that art always only gives little moments to think of, to take and hold on…to interpretate and to make your truth of it. May be you make some fun and jokes, but maybe for others it is not fun and joke…. for me, living in my imagination, in exacly this situations you discribe is not fun at all!!! It’s torture , because it is reality…. did you always realize how someone feel who lives your fantasy…without having your wonderful husband and family …. of course!!! Wanting , wishing and longing for, not in a calm second part but in a crise of life? This is just to explain, your post are beautiful as ever, but As you are always curious to learn and understand, I felt like telling you this!!!!


            • Thank you for your kind words Anie. And your patience while trying to make sure we are “hearing” each other through the translations.

              You mention “art” and it surprises me because I never truly think of what I do as “art”. But I do understand that part of it.

              Though I know nothing about your life if I understand this correctly, using your imagination in this way is not fun for you? I’m sorry (again) if I am getting that wrong.

              I do understand the wanting/wishing and longing for things in life. Don’t we all? I have been through times in my life that my wishes were much better than what I had in life. But that changes back and forth.

              I really appreciate your feedback Anie. I hope you know that.

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              • Excuse me Colleen, that I am answering so late.
                Of course you are right, we all have times in life where we wish and yearn for something we do not have. I also did not want to complain because I know that I’m doing very well compared to others. And yet everyone lives their feelings and everyone makes his fantasy part of his life, his reality. To make this fantasy shine positively, no matter what the real circumstances in life, is the art of being happy. Maybe also sometimes it is necessary to ignore things that pull us down. People can argue about the definition of art. However, what you do is of course art. Your writing and your illustrations are a mirror of your soul trying to describe what happens. It is never too concrete, there is always enough space for each individual to interpret individually. What I feel as pain and what I have lamented does not come from you, but is my own soul that interprets what it is going through. If you treat poetry as if it were a message to your soul, it can hurt. It’s like when you hear music. It can make you cry or laugh, depending on what you associate with this music is and if there are memories of a person or a situation. I am so sorry if my words sounded so hard here…it is not a criticism just to show you, why I feel sometimes strange about poesy, music and art. Wish you a wonderful day, Nie


                • Hi Anie πŸ™‚ I was worried I wasn’t understanding your comment. But I think I have it now. And I think this comment is extremely thoughtful and helpful. I am so grateful for the consideration you put in your comments. I wish you a wonderful day as well πŸ™‚

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                  • I am sorry that My comments are confusing sometimes. I try to translate my already difficult thoughts and on top the β€žgerman englishβ€œ is not very smart… wish you a beautiful night!


                    • you are so patient and kind! Thank you Coleen! No I translate them. If it is just a short comment like this I directly write in English and try to use my existing vocabulary. But if comments are longer and more complicated I write directly in goole translator. As the translations are sometimes really strange I always go once more through the text and correct the strange translations….; )…takes time and is a little bit complicated….have a beautiful weekend!


                    • Anie, I am SO VERY impressed. All this time I thought it was WordPress doing the interpreting. That you received yours in German and I received mine in English.

                      Thank you for all of that extra work. I have NO working knowledge of German at all. So I am really impressed with you.

                      I hope you are having a lovely weekend yourself.

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  2. LOL! I was very graciously not included in my cousin’s trip to Paris this summer, either. I would have sported a beautiful beret, but I don’t have your creativity to share that with you. Your non-trip to Hawaii was so delightful, Colleen. Thank you for sharing it. πŸ™‚


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