Don’t Let Go

My nephew and his wife are graciously playing along with me not going to Hawaii with them.

It’s a fun way to ‘not travel’ and yet kind of let’s me use my imagination and put myself in places where I am not.

Today, while ‘playing’ my nephew sent me a picture his wife took of him on Diamond Head in Hawaii.  He is posed as if he is holding on to someone’s hand.  He sent me “you almost didn’t fall off of Diamond Head.  Good thing I was there to not catch you.”  But I only saw the picture, not his words.

I replied to his picture “hahahahahahaha, are you pulling me up or letting me go?!?!?!?!”

And this giant of a man who I held when he was a fat little bundle of ginger playdoh baby wrote back…

“You know I could never let you go!”

I mean, love.

Right there in the middle of my fake travels.

When you find someone who plays along in life and will never let you go, hold on.

Travel. Hawaii. Diamond Head.

Thank you.

For not letting go.