When I Fall

I’m not graceful when I stumble

And that’s okay.

It’s the recovery where you find grace.

And often,

Your strength and dignity.











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38 thoughts on “When I Fall

  1. ivor20 says:

    Your words wisdom are so true for all of us Colleen.

    After a bad fall
    We need good strength
    To fully recovery

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  2. It’s not our failures that define us; it is how we come back from adversity that does.
    Happy Monday.

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  3. blindzanygirl says:

    So true


  4. What a lovely thought! To rising from the ashes gracefully!

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  5. anie says:

    how, wise!!! You need to fall in order to learn to walk. Have a good start in the new week!

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  6. markbialczak says:

    I’m with you here, MBC. Brush, smile, and carry on.


  7. ksbeth says:

    it’s all about the comeback

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  8. Patty B says:

    That grace and strength comes from the outstretched hand of Jesus as He picks up, heals our wounds and continues on with us. I have stumbled often and sometimes not so gracefully only to find the hand of Jesus in the form of my husband, children, dear friends, sometimes even a stranger or two.

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  9. Jodi says:

    A good reminder!


  10. ….after having first looked round to see if anyone noticed!!


  11. You are so right!! 🙂

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  12. I fell off a small step yesterday and while I would have liked to lay around and collect myself I felt compelled to spring up and say “I’m okay!” I felt like I was part of a Monty Python skit. Ego a bit bruised but otherwise intact. A fall from grace or a fall off the step, no permanent damage Touch wood.

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  13. This is very true. I have a few memories of loved ones falling and then getting up. You’re right, the getting up is where the dignity is. And it’s a metaphor too!

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  14. Debra says:

    This is true on So many levels! LOL! I’ve experienced this both literally and figuratively and both require resilience in the recovery. 🙂


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