Not So Haphazard

It was a tall, narrower than most, farm house.

Just barely, it could be seen from the road.

It sat far back.  With trees appearing to be haphazardly living throughout the large expanse of deeply green and lush yard.

Not so haphazard were those trees.  When they only permitted a brief glimpse of the home behind them.

Allowing for the simple and elegantly plain home to remain private.

Almost teasing.

Easily missed by anyone not caring to notice.

I noticed.

Not just the house.

But the purpose of the trees.

And the depth of the yard.



That House. Hidden. Trees.













30 thoughts on “Not So Haphazard

  1. I think I would have felt the same curiosity, Colleen. I love trees in a front yard, but don’t tend to think of them as placed for privacy. Not a bad idea, though!


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