37 thoughts on “It Makes Today The Past

  1. I first thought of “seize the day”, “Carpe Diem”. Of course having watched a little YouTube today that had actor Ethan Hawke. He commented on making the movie “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams. And holding onto “Today” was a theme.


  2. I like holding today
    She’s bubbly and full of life
    I look forward to meeting tomorrow
    She’s a lustrous light
    I loved yesterday
    Like there was no tomorrow
    I dream of the next kiss
    Holding onto today is bliss

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  3. Oh but WOW do I echo this sentiment! I savor each moment as long as I can (on peaceful, quiet days anyway) and they still go all too soon. 🙂 Love this thought, Colleen. Hope you have a lovely week in which you can place your full attention where you most desire.


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