41 thoughts on “I’ll Let You Know

      • not at all, Colleen !!!
        But I have felt that my statement will be fitting and funny in another way, even though I did not really understand what it is all about …; )
        “to put one’s foot in it” is a special talent of mine and “to be slow off the mark” in the same way …. unfamiliar expressions and vocabulary perfected my confusion.
        Your illustration is easiest …. “I do not know”.
        “I’ll let you know”, haunts me in my dreams, because it’s awful to wait for something you want and that depends on someone else.
        So you said that to someone and you did not mean to sound stupid …. “but I am going to” ???? What will you do? “Sound stupid” or “let you know”?
        Ignorance can be uncomfortable because it’s hard to estimate things … “when I know it’s coming” ??? What’s coming?

        “So why not give others a head up too” does that mean “give a lead / advance to someone?”
        In fact, personally, I can do a lot with your words without understanding your motives. Everyone feels helpless when he is ignorant or deliberately ignorant. Everyone want to say “after you” …
        But I’ll let you know here and now, without letting you wait, to continue trying to understand and to continue to act dumb, because I can not do any better.


        • Anie, your comment, if you had meant it to be funny, fit in perfectly. If you meant it because you didn’t understand, it still fit perfectly.

          I did actually say that to someone during a conversation. I knew my statements were going to make me look “stupid”. I was not trying to talk down about myself, but I did want to give the person an advance notice that what I was going to say would show how much I did not understand.

          I thought by letting the person know I did not know very much, that they could better help me understand. Being honest about what we do not know, makes it easier for others to understand we need help learning.

          I hope that makes better sense. πŸ™‚

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          • Thank you for your wonderful explanation!!! This shows a lot of how smart, sensitive and delicate you are… it may be difficult to understand though….I would actually just say that I do not understand or, as there may be lots of things I do not understand I would just smile if I think that it is less important than the moment I feel at the moment. But probably this
            Would only irritate…what I want to say … even if you are already 50, you have the right to behave after your nature… we always try to understand people we love, but this means already to open ourself aswell… it is never only about understanding (this is max. 50%)… the other part is about letting others looking inside ourself aswell to let them know… love and lovely will only has worth when it is felt and lived on two sides!


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