You Won’t Find Me In Prague

Because I’m not there.

So here I am again,

Not seeing the world with family on their travels.

My beautiful niece consented to me not going with her.

Look at me not enjoying this beautiful view

And not pointing out the fabulous houses.

Beautiful Prague

The world is stunning.

Look around.














41 thoughts on “You Won’t Find Me In Prague

    • Ahhhhhhggggggg! I knew I was going to do that! I have her pictures from Amsterdam and Prague (both beautiful places!) and I kept going back and forth between the pictures trying to decide on which one to use for me to not be in!!!!!

      Mea Culpa! My apologies to both Prague and Amsterdam! Maybe one day I can correct this by actually going. 😀

      (That’s what I get for not being there and keeping a travel diary!!!!)

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  1. Colleen, the world is so so beautiful. It’s a shame humanity can cause so much destruction in it. But we can still enjoy its peace and beauty because it is bountiful! What a lovely photo that you are not in! 😀


    • Thank you Debra. I do agree about the world of beauty. My husband and I love to get in the jeep and GO! I love finding places I’ve never been before. ANd it’s a real treat when it’s a treasure close to home!


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