35 thoughts on “The Wilds Of Her Mind

  1. very mysterious and pondering, Colleen!! Who is she, who is he? How did you paint her/ his hair?
    Can we avoid the world of others? Physically yes but mentally. Thoughts are free, no? And they move like energy uncontrollably through the universe, through heads and hearts?
    We think we are searching our way, but maybe our thoughts are creating our path for us?

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    • You’re welcome Chuck Lee. This is actually a compilation of situations and people I have experienced over the years. It could be mental illness, or dementia, or some other form of escapism, but I often reflect on how it’s comfortable for them, to be ‘there’, and not ‘here’.


  2. Coping mechanisms are tricky, aren’t they, Colleen? Everyone needs them. Those who are badly broken are perhaps the most vulnerable, too. Very sensitive writing and perspective, my friend.


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