The Steps Out Back

The steps out back

Are made of wood.

They lead no where but up and down.

Sometimes I go sit there.

Out there, where no one else is.

While all the rest of the world is somewhere else.

I think about things that puzzle me, intrigue me,

And confuse me.

I think about people I know, people I used to know,

People I’d like to know,

People I will never know.

I sometimes think about what the rest of the world is doing out there,

While I’m sitting here, thinking,


I know magnificent things are being done,

Experiences are creating memories

Even if I’m not part of it all.


On those steps,

I think of the memories that I created.

Or memories I’m going to make.

If it’s early morning when there I sit,

It’s cool and hidden from the sun.

But later if I go out back to sit

The sun, if it’s shining,

Stares directly at me.

Sometimes I sit there and wonder if the rest of the world misses me,

At all.

Other times I sit there

And breathe,

Closing my eyes and soaking in the nothingness being asked of me.

Just today as I sat there and thought-

A bee landed on my foot

I gently whoooshed it away so it wouldn’t take a notion to sting me.

I watched,


As it walked away.

It only walked.  And walked. Never flying.

I fretted I may have harmed it,

But it could have already been flightless and walked on to my foot.

I watched until it walked out of my vision.

Then I sat there.

And thought some more.

Out back.

On the steps.












33 thoughts on “The Steps Out Back

  1. I think maybe your back steps are like my courtyard, where I sit and think, and there’s no-one else, and I have morning sunshine and afternoon shade, and I can wonder at the bees hovering around my garden flowers, and in the silence of my little yard, I think about the rest of the world…..

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  2. your story gives a lot of different meaning and interpretation as ” steps out back” can b translated in many senses….but I can symphathize a lot to your adventure with the bee. I would also be very sad, if I would have woodshed ( does this mean, to chase it away??) it away…but I never did this because I am not afraid of getting sting…even if bees did already sting me!

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    • Steps out back are actual stair steps that lead off of my back deck.

      Yes “wooshed” the bee meant I wanted it to go away. I am allergic to bees so I wanted it to leave, I didn’t want to hurt it I just wanted it to not be on my foot! 😉


    • I think we understand that about each other Infinite. I feel comfortable observing others, watching life. I greatly appreciate the ‘doing’ life as well. But I am intrigued by ‘thought’, and reflection and every where my brain takes me.

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