Class Act

Just a lovely life encounter.  I’m indulging myself in reliving it here.

I’m not a music connoisseur.  Truthfully I’m not qualified to be a connoisseur of anything. But I know what, and who, I like.

In 2012 I saw a video of a young girl auditioning on a British talent show.  Before she sang a single syllable I was enjoying her presence. Then she started to sing.  And she had me hooked.  It was the first, and last, time I followed a show on-line (or at all) to see how a contestant fared.

She didn’t just sing.  She told stories. Relatable, emotional or thought provoking stories with her music.

Then she wasn’t on the show.  She didn’t lose. She left.  I don’t know her reasons.  Personally, I think she would have won.

Since then I have followed her journey.  I have loved her music, so very often playing it in the evening after work while I encouraged myself to do something I always wanted to do, draw and doodle.  Her music just echoed life.  It inspired me.

I finally got an iTunes account.  Though I didn’t know what to do with it.  When she started making albums I was jealous of everyone in England who could go see her.  Or buy her music.  Until it finally occurred to me to see if I could get her on iTunes.  Son of a gun. I could.  I bought her three albums.  And a John Denver album.  And a P!nk song.

I was impressed with this young girl taking on the world in her own way.  On her own terms. And doing it well by all all appearnces.

Then it happened.  She announced she was coming to America.  I shouted from my desk in my bike room that Lucy Spraggan was coming to America. Within minutes my husband was telling me we could go see her.  I didn’t believe him.  The closest she would be to us was over 400 miles away.  The next closest was also over 400 miles away.  So we drove to both.

I am not sure how I became such a fangirl.  But I have.

You can search for her music. That will speak for itself.  What I can tell you about is meeting Lucy.  What a joy.  We drove to Chicago. Husband and I went to eat at the first venue.  Thinking we had plenty of time to scope the place out. Walk around after dinner and before the show.  While we sat in the near empty restaurant part of the establishment,  I heard her singing.  Lord, Lucy was in the building!   Next thing I knew I looked up and she was standing just a few feet from me.  I said “Lucy Spraggan”.  She looked over, smiled and came over to us.  She talked with us for quite some time.  I gave her a pair of socks (socks!).  They had Boston Terriers on them.  Is it funny or sad that I know she loves her dog Stephen and he’s a Boston Terrier.  We were at Old Navy just an hour earlier and I saw them and got them on the off chance I would meet her.  I wonder if anyone else ever gave her socks?  I prefer to think it wasn’t weird.  At all.

She was gracious with her time.  And I am not a bit ashamed to say it was a highlight of my …. life.  I think that my attraction to her music is the strong connection I feel to her words.  I love words.  The stories. The emotions. The trials and successes of life.

Her show was fabulous.  She interacts with you.  Her music is personal.  I could see it in the other people in the room.  Others who drove long distances to see her. Others who shared their stories with us while we waited for her to perform and after the show as we all waited to speak with her.  And she spoke with everyone.

I thought my fangirl highlights were done.  We drove home. Days later we drove to Nashville to see her again.  I was eager to hear her sing live again.  I told my husband I was not going to get my hopes up that I would have that lovely an experience again.  To see her face to face, talk to her, thank her for her music.  I mean, how often is it that we actually get to thank someone for what their creative spirit gives us?

We go to Nashville.  We get a little table off to the side.  We enjoy the first act, I kept watching the people in the room.  It was obvious the singers had their own following.  I was enjoying the evening.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lucy, her wife Georgina, and Lucy’s tour mate Josh come in.  I was happy to know we were just listening to the same music.  I didn’t want to bother her and say “hey!  do you remember me!?!?!”   And I didn’t have to.  Lucy, came to our table, hugged us both.  And talked with us.

While Lucy was busy getting ready to perform I thought about going up to introduce myself to her wife but I didn’t want to seem like a stalker.  Or over exuberant fan.  I was, I just didn’t want to seem like it.   Fan, not stalker.  But I didn’t have to do that either, Georgina came and asked if she knew me.  I said “yes!  from your wife’s video!” and she hugged me.  We talked about music, caring for kids, other stuff.

I hope America keeps treating Lucy, Georgina and Josh well.  I hope they come back.  If not, at least I know how to buy her music on iTunes now.

Anyway….just a grand life experience.  Now we’re driving home.  Going back to work.  In the evenings I’ll be listening to her music (and other’s)  and drawing, or writing, or singing along.

Lucy Spraggan

I’m not even bothered about how ridiculous I look.

Safe journeys Lucy.

And thank you.