40 thoughts on “All Nighter

        • Years ago I read a story about a man who when he came home in the evening, he was seen placing his hands on a bush outside of his home. After witnessing this many times, he was asked why he did that. He replied, that when he returned home from work, he mentally tried to leave his frustrations and upsets about work, outside of his home, in the morning when he left, he would pick up what was left over. Often times he found that somethings were gone because they were not that big a deal. But either way, he didn’t want to take his frustrations into his family life. I just always like that mental exercise.


      • Anie, I try to tell my brain that I need to remember this (whatever it is) for later so that it will be placed in a quick recall area of the brain (the bit where passwords, names, etc are stored). It is a subconscious decision and works nearly all of the time. That is a very non technical description of what I mean and, unfortunately, I don’t think it something that can be taught to others!

        In simplistic terms it is a “I really would like to be able to remember this for later” command to myself.

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        • Wow, I’m impressed!!! I did not think that would work. I have to make a note of everything … on many little notes, which I always lose … but I’m convinced that I could never do that. I am proud that I can use a trick that works very often when I can not remember a name or a word. I go through the alphabet, very slowly and most of the time I remember the name when I arrived at the right initial letter … but having access to such a quick recall area of the brain is very enviable and certainly much healthier, if you can sleep peacefully.

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