I Don’t Know Why I Cried

I was driving early this morning.  The sun was breaking beautifully, just topping the far away horizon.  The ground appeared almost in a fog because of the colors of the far away sky.  Those colors were indescribable.  It’s one of those visions where I think I wish I could paint that.  I was singing to John Denver.  His song “Sunshine On My Shoulders” came on.  I’ve sung it many a time.  In a lot of sunshine moments.   The road was running parallel to the horizon where the sun was growing from.  Suddenly, as I very loudly sang “sunshine on my shoulders”, the car was flooded with a a bright light.  Bright but not blinding bright.  It was soft and I swear I could feel it falling over my right shoulder.

I started to cry.

I couldn’t keep singing.  My voice just left me.

The tears didn’t fall, but I had to wipe my eyes with my coat sleeve because I couldn’t see through them.

I could try to explain why I cried.  But I’m not going to.  I just did.  It was beautiful.  That moment.  That vision.  That sound.

That emotion.