Random Love Thoughts

I believe in love at first site.  Even if it didn’t happen to me.

I believe in young love that lasts forever.  It didn’t happen to me though.

I believe people can fall in love, love passionately and truly.  And stop.  Stop loving passionately, stop loving at all.   This didn’t happen to me either.

I believe in marriage and all that marriage should be.

I have failed in marriage.  Even after enjoying success and love within it.

I believe that marriage is not for everyone.

I believe everyone should determine if marriage is right for them.

I believe that some marriages should be ended.

I know marriages that have ended that never should have ended.

I am surprised when I come across a ninety year old person who had a divorce in their early years.  I am surprised even though I come across a lot of them.   Divorce has been around for a very long time.  But with all of the advances in communication, media and technology EVERYTHING is talked about more openly.  Literally, everything.

I don’t see all divorces as bad.  Though most divorces result in someone being hurt, usually more than one person, in one way or another.  Do we give up too easily?  Possibly.  But I have also come across some very bitter, angry and suffering people who don’t believe in divorce.  Some believe in the commitment, the sanctity of marriage enough, to stay miserable together.  I have had elderly people tell me that they didn’t get divorced because of what others said or would think.  I have had younger people tell me they oppose divorce but they hate being married.

I have met married people who when I am around them, I think, this-this is right.  There is comfort to me in being exposed to their relationship.  Just because it works.  I feel it.  And it feels good.

I believe love can not be easily defined.  It shouldn’t be defined by me for you, or by you for me.

I’ve seen people who cuss and carry on at one another who love each other with passion and fire.  I’ve seen quiet and respectful people who could not stand the site of their spouse.  I am not exaggerating this, in my lines of work, people have told me ALL kinds of things.

I believe in love.  I think love changes us.  I think the shape of love can change over the course of time.

I believe in all of this.  But it’s just my belief.

Just some random thoughts about love.  It’s a good thing.  Often difficult, often lofty, always good.