I Don’t Know Why I Cried

I was driving early this morning.  The sun was breaking beautifully, just topping the far away horizon.  The ground appeared almost in a fog because of the colors of the far away sky.  Those colors were indescribable.  It’s one of those visions where I think I wish I could paint that.  I was singing to John Denver.  His song “Sunshine On My Shoulders” came on.  I’ve sung it many a time.  In a lot of sunshine moments.   The road was running parallel to the horizon where the sun was growing from.  Suddenly, as I very loudly sang “sunshine on my shoulders”, the car was flooded with a a bright light.  Bright but not blinding bright.  It was soft and I swear I could feel it falling over my right shoulder.

I started to cry.

I couldn’t keep singing.  My voice just left me.

The tears didn’t fall, but I had to wipe my eyes with my coat sleeve because I couldn’t see through them.

I could try to explain why I cried.  But I’m not going to.  I just did.  It was beautiful.  That moment.  That vision.  That sound.

That emotion.













46 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I Cried

  1. I have had moments like that too, and they are beautiful. They seem to lead us to another place. A place of beauty. Thankyou for sharing this. It did my heart good to read it


  2. God is Amazing and so it is every big or little thing He created. He created us, human beings with emotions and they are His way of allowing us to express ourselves. Keep smiling, keep crying and keep feeling it.There is no need to explain it, I completely agree with you! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment with us 🙂


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