Everyone Sees The Beautiful Flower First

Look at this!

The flower is so pretty.

But the rest of it isn’t.

The flower wouldn’t exist without the rest of it.

I bet the flower loves of it no matter what it looks like.

That’s nice of the flower.

It’s nice of the cactus too.


How hard must it be to live with something so beautiful.

When everyone sees the beautiful flower first,

and sometimes-they only see the flower.

But you saw all of it.

I did.

And I want you to see it too.

Maybe love doesn’t have anything to do with what we see.

Maybe it doesn’t.













28 thoughts on “Everyone Sees The Beautiful Flower First

  1. We can have beautiful faces:we can have thorny hearts.People will always see our beautiful feces first Maybe love doesn’t have anything to do with what we see first but what we see last.

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  2. I have a lot of very beautiful cactus in my drought tolerant garden, Colleen. I love it in all of its growth stages, but must admit, when they bloom they shine and do get all of the attention. πŸ™‚ I love your perspective!

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