Deliberately Dumped Trash

I often see trash on our roads and streets.  I’m naive enough, or hopeful enough, to always hope it’s mostly trash that has blown out of trash cans, or from trash bags broken open while waiting on the garbage man.

I can have a very naive view of what goes on around me.

Today I was driving, through little towns, out into the country and back into towns.  At one point I was stopped at a traffic light.  It was a large and busy intersection.  In the lane next to me, two cars up, I saw the driver’s side window roll down.  A man’s arm came out of the vehicle, his hand opened, and he very deliberately dumped trash on the road.

I learned as a very young child to not litter.  I’ve always managed to retain that lesson.  It isn’t a difficult lesson.  Or even a difficult task-to keep one’s trash in their vehicle until they can get to a receptacle and dispose of it properly.

I wish I was in the car in front of me so I could have said something to him.

But I didn’t have to.

The car next to me, behind the littering vehicle, rolled down his window and said something.

The car in front of me, was saying something to the littering vehicle.

The littering vehicle rolled up his window and continued on his filthy way when the light turned green.

There were at least three cars who witnessed this.  We were all shaking our heads.

I’m still shaking my head.

Such arrogance.