Deliberately Dumped Trash

I often see trash on our roads and streets.  I’m naive enough, or hopeful enough, to always hope it’s mostly trash that has blown out of trash cans, or from trash bags broken open while waiting on the garbage man.

I can have a very naive view of what goes on around me.

Today I was driving, through little towns, out into the country and back into towns.  At one point I was stopped at a traffic light.  It was a large and busy intersection.  In the lane next to me, two cars up, I saw the driver’s side window roll down.  A man’s arm came out of the vehicle, his hand opened, and he very deliberately dumped trash on the road.

I learned as a very young child to not litter.  I’ve always managed to retain that lesson.  It isn’t a difficult lesson.  Or even a difficult task-to keep one’s trash in their vehicle until they can get to a receptacle and dispose of it properly.

I wish I was in the car in front of me so I could have said something to him.

But I didn’t have to.

The car next to me, behind the littering vehicle, rolled down his window and said something.

The car in front of me, was saying something to the littering vehicle.

The littering vehicle rolled up his window and continued on his filthy way when the light turned green.

There were at least three cars who witnessed this.  We were all shaking our heads.

I’m still shaking my head.

Such arrogance.












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  1. Liked your post. I once saw a family walk out of McDonald’s with drinks and a paper bag full of food. They sat in the car and ate then the man took the bag, wrappers and empty drink cups and put them on the sidewalk just a couple of feet from the trash can. Sad.


  2. Makes me crazy. I’ve spent a lifetime cleaning stuff off beaches. Cigarette buts, wrappings, even babies’ diapers! And they’re the same people who come to the beach each day… Once I saw a well dressed elderly couple walk down a road arm in arm, and actually pop a plastic bag full of rubbish into someone’s garden…
    Even worse, I’ve just read that in some parts of England farmers are having to raise electrode fences because gangs are dumping tons of waste onto their land…


  3. It’s terrible, here in London as well. We were taught and we teach our children to take the rubbish home and then we see grown adults doing it in front of everyone. Such a shame. We can only continue to educate our children/ young generation to look after our environment.


  4. Same as you I learnt as a small child we do not litter. Small, simple rule. But so I printed in me.. I simply could not throw any waste I carry wherever. It’s just out of the question. Sometimes I would walk for an hour till I see a garbage can with a candy wrap in my hand. I would not throw it anywhere. And now my son is 5 and he knows simple rule- no waste in the nature, no waste in the streets. He saw one time kids throwing bottles in the grass. He asked me- mommy , don’t they know the rule? I said to him, unfortunately not everyone seems to care. But you must care. Always! And yes, we do also saw people throwing out trash directly from their cars. Soooo sad and simply lack of imagination and any responsibility for our land.. Please check out my last post.. it’s anout exactly it actually..


  5. that’s bad, because you really should have learned that in childhood. I think the best reaction would be to get out and pick up the garbage of the other … it may be more effective than a confrontation with words.
    I had a similar situation just one day ago. A car stopped on a very small, isolateted country road and a man got out and walked to a big tree. He just threw a cup on the lawn … I saw it as I drove by and stopped. I’m still annoyed that I drove on, because I was afraid of these two men. ( In the car was another man, and both of them looked very scary, so I did not dare …. but the next time I wil!)


    • Well none of us could get out of our cars Anie. It was a very large and busy intersection. I think we all felt kind of helpless watching him do it.

      I have picked up much trash in my life. I don’t mind picking up what gets blown about. But it will stick in my head forever watching that man do that.

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      • well, I could have get out of my car easily…it was a little isolated road, but I was afraid, because these men were suspect anyway….when I go for my walks at the beach ( and for taking pictures) I wonder always if I should pin somewhere a challenge for all these people, which says: do not only collect shells and beautiful flotsam, but also a little bit of rubbish/ plastic….I think this would be a good feeling for everybody!


    • No, I don’t think he cared a lick. He didn’t react at all to the man in the car behind him, both had their windows down. I know he heard him. It was nice to see others who were also disgusted or frustrated.


  6. I can have a very naive view of what goes on around me – that is exactly how I am, in most cases trying to find a perspective that can be innocent. But witnessing this kind of arrogance is sad indeed.


  7. When I see this happen I’m much like you, Colleen, simply astonished! I can’t see how anyone could be so thoughtless. Although “thoughtlessness” is more on the rise than diminishing, I believe, littering just seems like a ridiculous place to assert one’s independence! I’d be very concerned about accosting an offender, however as someone prone to this kind of flagrant disregard for others could be menacing if chastised. I add it to my list of things I don’t understand! 😦


    • Yes, confronting people like this is always a risk. Truthfully though, I was heartened by the others who also reacted. It made me feel like it is NOT the norm, or acceptable. (I mean besides in my head).


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