38 thoughts on “Said The Mother

  1. I have had a problem with my hair for a few years now, where it is falling out. I have a bald patch at the front of my head – it’s a genetic issue and as of yet there is no cure. My mother has thick luxurious beautiful straight hair, that always looks good no matter if she has just woken up or been on a sweaty walk. She just has the good genes and I inherited the bad ones, lol! Anyway, the point of this story is that once, when I was having a quiet cry to her about my worries and the state of my hair, she looked at me for a long time and, not usually an affectionate person, she said, ‘I wish I could give you all of my hair.’ It might seem so small and inconsequential but the way she said it, and how she looked at me when she did, still makes me tear up today. Because I know that if she could, she would in a heartbeat. She never shows her love physically with hugs or words but I know she loves me very very much, and so your two small little sentences carry a world of meaning within them Colleen ❤


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