Lucky Enough

I think it’s a good life

When you look forward to going home,

From wherever you are lucky enough to go.

I’m lucky to have a job to go to.

I’m lucky to have activities I enjoy.

I’m lucky to have places I love.

But home.



I’m never sad to go home.








45 thoughts on “Lucky Enough

  1. Yes Home sounds sweet in everyone‘ s ear, although it is so different…the place you are grown up? Where your family is, your partner, the people you love … but I think in this post you meant the place, where you can just be yourself… where you can close the door, have all you need and can do what you want without caring about others?… beautiful post to remember how gifted we are to have a home!

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  2. So true! I feel so sad for those who find anything that they can do in order to stay away from home, because of home not being a happy place! Or those who don’t have a home to go to!


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