Don’t Think I’m Not Grateful



I took lessons in, gave lessons in, and benefitted greatly from Martial Arts

Even after all these years

Don’t think I’m not grateful for being able to use what I learned

To execute an ax kick to turn lights off and on

When my hands are full.







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31 thoughts on “Don’t Think I’m Not Grateful

  1. markbialczak says:

    That’s the way to flip that switch, MBC!


  2. Hahaha! Good thing you know how to turn lights off when your hands are full!


  3. ivor20 says:

    That’s how to make light work 🤔🤔


  4. You go kick that switch 😀


  5. utesmile says:

    Great, my light switches are too high now…. hehe. You never know when it comes handy what you learn!


  6. hahaha love this drawing!


  7. Debra says:

    I never considered just how practical martial arts could be! 🙂


  8. Haha! Way to go! Totally worth it.


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