The Bathroom Break

Having to be on the road for a good bit of work duties I know the best (cleanest) places to stop for a bathroom break.  There is one little town that I get a little excited about when I have to go to it or through it.  It has a wonderful little coffee shop with a very clean bathroom.  And pastries.  Fresh made pastries.

As luck would have it as I’m driving through this little town I did indeed need to stop and use the facilities.  As I walk into the shop the barista is behind the counter, and there are 3 or 4 people at the counter, seated and/or standing.  I have to pass them to get to the bathroom.  They were all very jovial.  And it quickly became apparent as I approached that it was the barista’s birthday.  A woman seated at the counter turned, caught my eye and mouthed “let’s sing her happy birthday”.

Of course we should.

I stopped in my tracks and started the tune.  Everyone joined in.  When we got to the part “happy birthday dear…….” I didn’t know her name so hummed quite badly while everyone else sang “Samannnnnnntha”.

And when I left I purchased a blueberry strudel.

One of the better bathroom breaks of my travels.












25 thoughts on “The Bathroom Break

  1. Hahaha this is amazing, I wanna be part of this. I love those little human connection moments, and I hope Samantha had an amazing birthday. These sorts of things never happen to me! Living vicariously through you, Colleen 🙂


  2. That was an awesome incident! I’m glad you got to share in it. And thanks for sharing it with us, in return.

    As an aside, Bucky’s has built a near-billion dollar empire here in Texas based almost exclusively on a business model centered around clean bathrooms.


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