I Don’t Think There’s Less Love

There may be less ornaments on the tree this year.  ↑

Than last year.  ↓

I don’t think there’s any less love this year.

Just fewer decorations.

Everyone on this tree is loved by someone(s).

Love isn’t measured by how many are loved

But how one loves.

I respectfully placed each ornament on this tree for each of your loved ones.

It was fun to think of your peoples and their lives

And wonderful to know that love never leaves us.






31 thoughts on “I Don’t Think There’s Less Love

  1. It’s so genuine for you to think of others around the world, thank you for adding my moms name onto this tree! Merry Christmas to you! xoxo 🙂


  2. You touch my heart, Colleen. As you so often do! Such a sweet and wonderful way to bring awareness and honor to those we love and miss. This time last year, Pam, the name I offered, was here. Now she’s “there,” and although I miss her, I feel she’s close, and her name on your beautiful tree symbolizes so much to me. Thank you. ox


    • You’re very welcome Debra. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I really enjoy doing this. As I draw the little bulb and write each person’s name on it I am constantly reminded of the stories and lives I do not know.


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