A Walk With You

I walk with you sometimes.

You have a lot to say.

Though you make me reflect and ponder and query… it’s never good things you say.

I prefer to part ways with you.

It’s important to not spend much time with you.

You’re too demanding.

And might I say, not very helpful at all.


Whatever it is you walk with

You don’t have to.









46 thoughts on “A Walk With You

  1. One of the sadest posts of you, that I ever read. Struggling, thinking negative , searching the faults ‚outside‘, talking and expecting too much… makes me feel guilty.


      • Don’t worry, Colleen!!! It is always our own attitude how we look at things.Yoga lessons always preach me to avoid negative people. Today, I rather think that it is more about not being infected with negativity, because people who we love and who we want to help, we will not abandon.
        And then in life there are also phases in which we are negative and struggling and, of course, we do not want to be dropped.
        So this sadness came through this thoughts, but in your illustration I see that it can also be about our own dark sides that we have to leave, which is also motivating ….)


  2. Wow! I think this is a very healthy perspective, Colleen. I like the fact that you acknowledge sometimes the “information shared” might be thought-provoking, that doesn’t make it something you want to digest!


    • I have found in times of being ‘down’ or ‘angry’ I’ve had to face truths or different perspectives. Not that I ‘wanted’ to necessarily. But being in those places doesn’t mean we aren’t hearing things….

      Thank you Debra.


  3. It is a lifelong challenge to evaluate our priorities, where we are and where we are going. “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” – Henri Bergson. Thank-you!


  4. Sometimes I do things I really don’t feel comfortable doing, because of some subconscious thought that I must do it. But some things, you don’t have to do. If it is better for your health and sanity not to do them, then don’t! Great reminder, Colleen, and excellent images to go along with it!


  5. Colleen, it sounds like you have had a real difficult time with someone. I am sorry you had that to dealwith. My sister is one who drags us/me down, but you are so right to say that you don’t have towalk with them. Sadly, guilt kicks in, and for me personally causes me to have problems walking away. But sometimes for our own sake we have to. Hope that you can jyst walk away and rest yourself. X


    • Oh Lorraine, thank you so kindly for your comment. Actually I have not had a difficult time. Often times I write from something that prompted me through daily interactions, or observations, or just random thoughts that come to my head. Here, I liked the image of me being able to push ‘a’ negative thought or feeling away. The image was playing in my head and I just went with it.

      I’m sorry you have that going on with you. I hope you can kick that guilt to the curb and do what you need to do for you!!

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      • Hi Colleen. I am real glad that you don’t have that to deal with. Lol I too sometimes just push thoughts around, and then people think it is me I am wruting about, so I made the same mistake lol. But what you say us true, and I actually LOVED the quote. It is so true. Oh don’t worry about me. Sis will get her marching orders lol


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