The Promise I Kept

I’ve never made a promise I intended to break.

I’m sure I’ve made promises I never had the ability to keep.

I have been the receiver of and handler of the brokenness.

A promise, therefor, does not always assure.

And yet I know the truth of a promise.

Not a promise made.

But a promise born.

The only promise I have the absolute capacity to fulfill,

The only promise I believe has the power of perpetuity,

The promise I keep.


Are the truth of a promise.









23 thoughts on “The Promise I Kept

  1. Colleen, I love this one. Especially these lines,
    “And yet I know the truth of a promise.
    Not a promise made.
    But a promise born.”
    There is such power in birthing a promise and holding it until it comes true.
    Be well and love loud.

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  2. I think the way we do our best to keep our promises is observed by others and our reputations are tied to whether we keep our word or do not! Your photos shows you walking with a little one. We KNOW they are watching us.:-)


    • They certainly are watching us.

      I agree. I actually wrote this a few years ago and redid it for today. It just felt right. I know I have failed to keep promises, not intentionally, but it has taught me to be very careful about making them to begin with.


  3. such a beautiful way to express the thoughts likely going through your mind regarding the loss of your X and the loving promise of your daughter. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that is what my heart hears. ❤


  4. Well said! Beautifully said, in fact. I feel like this is a promise made to a child. Or it just reminds me of promises made to children. They mean so much more and hold so much life and meaning and growth in them ❤


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