22 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. Your words and thoughts are always so profound. It’s a good brain sport for me …; )

    The question is, is the passion a person can have a personal trait or does it depend on one thing?
    I think there are people who are basically much more passionate than others and can be inspired by many things.

    If passion goes to another person, passion surely defines the decision.
    If I can get excited about a lot of things (sports, music, painting …) I can easily imagine that the decision defines the passion …. and so life can change quickly….after all the whole life is all about decisions, passion and love and how to balance it, isn’t it?


      • I think it depends….surely it can be the greatest worth of life if you live your passion and decide for passion, but it depends on your life and what you maybe loose or never will get if you make this decision (and if you care about this loss or never getting). It can be very risky and especially with increasing age, when routine, habits and quirks are already an integral part of life and are providing a sense of security and wellbeing, the risk seems very high to only decide after passion … it is an “all in”….


        • I guess I am speaking in generic terms Anie. I have met people who have known from a very young age what their passions were and those passions have guided their decisions in life. I think over all I am speaking of that kind of generic situation.

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          • yes, that’s good to know, Coleen! You know how it is in art … you give a spark of your thoughts without concretizing them and thus everyone can make their own thoughts.
            I think these people of whom you speak are anchored early in the passion / art … I was often confronted in my artistic education with the opinion that an artist lives only for art. Well, I tried to do my art and yet I had a passion for my own family to raise my own kids and do sports, because that was as much a passion as art … I can not say how much my painting art has suffered … I think I will never be a Picasso and I’m happy with every job I get … but ultimately it’s about feeling comfortable and sharing my passions.


  2. I am still here pondering 😁 about the word „ the difference“!! Why does the difference is the key and not the balance?… by the way „ passion“ is another very interesting word in german language. It’s „ Leidenschaft“. Composed of two words Leiden ( suffering) and and schafft ( verb of „creating“ in third person/ singular)….


    • The way I was using “the difference” is that I think there is a difference in our style of life when we make decisions based on our passions, or we make decisions based on what we think we should do.

      For example. Maybe someone wants to be a painter. They love it, it makes them feel a live. But all of their lives they are told painting won’t pay the bills. So….will the painter be a painter and let that passion guide what they do? Or will the painter get a job with a regular pay check so they can be “responsible” the way others may expect of them?

      And yes, your words are interesting. Some would say there is suffering for passion.

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      • Ohh… I would not say there is suffering in passion, I just wondered why this word is created in this way…. but perhaps it’s just an example of the „ matter-of-fact-unemotionally „ way lot of germans think? Passion is something linked with pleasure and pleasure is for holiday… otherwise you will have sorrows with money… or just because passion means to go deep and deeper into a matter that it will hurt in some ways for sure?


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