Someone, Just Like This

Someone is sitting at the beginning of their day.

Someone is sitting alone wishing to find that one they could love forever.

Someone is sitting with a new fear not knowing where this new turn will take them.

Someone is angry with the world and feeling abandoned.

Someone is sitting patiently waiting for a first date.

Someone is sitting impatiently waiting for a first date.

Someone is quietly basking in the silence and reading a good book.

Someone is drowning in the quiet and wishing for the noise of yesterday.

Someone is sitting with memories while glancing from face to face upon their wall.

Someone is avoiding thoughts by filling their ears with noise.

Someone is contemplating their next hour, their next day, their next move.

Someone is sitting contentedly sketching out the pictures in their dreams.

Someone is staring at their reflection and wondering what they have become.

Someone is enjoying the antics of life.

Someone is unable to find the humor.

Someone is sitting with hands folded tightly, praying for or thankful for or wishing for.

Someone is sitting wondering how they got here, now, to this point.

Someone is grateful for where they have been.

Someone is anticipating where they are going.

Someone is sitting behind a purpose built wall.

Someone is exhausted and free, after knocking walls down.

Someone is determined to be free.

Someone is determined to commit.

Someone is staring at blank walls imagining the art.

Someone is crying softly.

Someone is laughing loudly.

Someone is colorful and alive.

Someone is looking for a reason.

Someone is energetic.

Someone is restless.

Someone has loved completely and without reservation.

Someone shudders at the energy they wasted on hate.  Or anger.  Or something.

Someone stands lost, unsure of where to go.

Someone looks for the self they have lost.

Someone goes where they have not been.

Someone stays, content with where they are.

Someone is sitting at their day’s end.