Don’t Hate The Love (A Rebuttal to Valentine’s Day Nay Sayers)

Personally I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I’m not opposed to it.  I’m just too lazy.

I’ve heard ad nauseam that this is a made up holiday.

Yes.  It is.

Every single holiday is a made up holiday.

Back in the beginning of the time continuum humans started developing thinking abilities.  At some point they came up with the concept of time and tracking it.  Soon they made up days, weeks, months and years.  And bloody hell they created the work week.  Somewhere on that graph they started plotting in weekends.  Holidays.   Etc.

In my non-researched, non-empirical, not factual but probably pretty basically correct way I just explained the history of how humans created anything to do with ‘day’ added on to it.  Oh, we made up the words as well.

I’ve lived through many a Valentine’s Day.  Some with gift giving and receiving.  Many without.  But I always enjoy seeing others celebrate it.  It’s fun and energizing to see love celebrated.

Too many people have fought over love for too long.  Let it live.  Celebrate it or not how you see fit.  Let the kids get cards and be excited about making sentences with little hearts with words on them.  Let businesses try to get you to spend your money.  You don’t have to.  Let someone use this “holiday” to motivate them to step out of their normal job/kids/spouse/partner/dating/go home and eat cereal in front of the television routines.  Let them be creative or romantic or funny.  It doesn’t have to be about romance.  It’s about love.  Love can be giving a chocolate to a stranger.  A flower to a coworker.  A card to someone in a nursing home.  Love your neighbor.   Love an elderly person who doesn’t have company.  Love the person behind the counter at the gas station.

Just don’t hate the love.